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The Evolution of our Produce and Natural Foods Store

About S&SIn 1967 Rich Stewart partnered with his sister and brother in-law, Joyce and Don Sheffield, and started a small produce store in Gridley, California called S&S Produce. The following year the business moved to its current location at 1924 Mangrove Avenue in Chico, California. As Rich moved on to other ventures, his parents, Roy & Evelyn Stewart, took over the partnership with Joyce and Don.

S&S Produce operated as a “roadside produce stand” with a limited selection of natural foods. Over the years the inventory slowly expanded to include vitamins and supplements. The Butcher Shop operated as a separate business, next door to S&S, as did The Deli in an adjoining section.

In 1974 Rich became sole owner of S&S and later that same year purchased The Butcher Shop. S&S and The Butcher Shop continued to grow and thrive under the same ownership, but as two separate businesses. S&S started to include a limited supply of natural cosmetics and additional health foods.

In 1995 Rich purchased The Deli and continued its long-time tradition of quality lunch meats and sandwiches.

On May 13, 1997 S&S and The Butcher Shop physically became one business and a new larger renovated structure was introduced. The new store, S&S Organic Produce and Natural Foods, offered expanded floor space for each department and the convenience of paying for your entire purchase at one set of registers. The store has continued to grow with the addition of health and wellness books, bulk foods, and the outdoor BBQ in 1998.

Today, S&S Organic Produce and Natural Foods proudly offers one of the largest selection of certified organically grown produce in the north state. Our produce department is also supportive of sustainable agriculture. We support both small and large family farms that are committed to this practice and carry the freshest local produce whenever possible.

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